In Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain we have managed to maintain the illusion with which our founders started thanks to a work philosophy based on putting our experience at the service of the new challenges that the market has been raising, a century and 4 generations later. To grow and evolve together with our customers for more than a lifetime has defined our character and has helped us to reinvent ourselves when it has been necessary so that today we can be a young company, more than 125 years old.

Know How
What was learned during more than a century helps us to understand the respect for tradition and maintain the values of effort and perseverance of our Company.
To grow is to become better professionals: we believe in constant research, the continuous training of our staff and the compliance with the food quality standards.
We are committed to the creation of our own brands to name our projects, and cover the various needs of our wide consumer range.
We select and have experts in every area for the creation of new business lines and development of new products.
New businesses
We sow ideas to reap new lines of business: thus we have managed to go from the cultivation and export of saffron, to mixology, gifts, online commerce, etc.